Greystone Inn

It's about a fictional comic strip -"Greystone Inn" - and the crew that produces it on a weekly basis: The star, Argus the gargoyle; the producer, Mackenzie; the public relations director, Samantha; the head writer, Keagan; and the rest of the crew.

About the characters...

Argus is the star of the strip. He -- along with Ned and Inez Potter -- are cartoons who work alongside people to produce the daily strip. Argus has been in the comic business for the better part of a century. His old cronies are among the most notable from the funny pages. He has worked his way up the ladder slowly, and now that he's the star of his own strip, he revels in -- and demands -- the star treatment.


MacKenzie "Mac" Miller
Producer of the strip, it will be Mac's job to coordinate all of the daily details and keep the gang on schedule. This will be his first job in the comics -- he previously worked at a newspaper as a graphic artist.


Samantha "Sammy" Bruce
Sammy is the Public Relations Director for Creative Contracts Studios -- the syndicate that releases "Greystone Inn" and many of your other funny page favorites. It's her job to market the strip to the masses. Among other things, that means making sure Argus stays out of trouble -- a full time job in itself.


Keagan Newborne
Keagan is the head comedy writer for the strip. He considers the strip his "day job" until he can support himself as a stand-up comedian. He plays club dates regularly and is writing the pilot for what he hopes to be his smash-hit sitcom. That leaves precious little time for the strip.
Before he met Lightning Lady, he was an avid womanizer -- now the shoe's on the other foot.


Lawrence Price
Lawrence is the editor of the strip. He checks the grammar, spelling and factual basis of each and every joke. He's meticulous and a bit of a neat freak -- the antithesis of Keagan, with whom he is usually at odds over the use of some gag or another.
He's single and lives with his mother.


The Narrator
The Narrator is one member of the group that no one has ever seen. When he's not narrating, he's quiet and keeps to himself. He seems to be everywhere and know everything, so there are few secrets in the office. He, too, is single and lives alone.
Or with his mother.
We think he has a mother.




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